Content & Licensing

Content & Licensing


JML is licensed under an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). It works under the umbrella at http//

Privacy Statement

JML religiously follows all the conditions of Manuscripts are as under.

      • Authors must provide his/her original work, and does not replicate any other’s published work locally or internationally, or does not provide any of the previous published work.
    1. Manuscript has to be only submitted to JOURNAL OF MARKETIN & LOGISTICS and it must not be given into any sort of consideration/peer/reviewed/ or published elsewhere.
    2. The Manuscript has to avoid strictly any sort of deceitful, slanderous, insulting, obscene, offensive or illegal.

Any author finds in violation of the above stated affairs is liable to barred from further publishing their manuscripts in JOURNAL OF MARKETIN & LOGISTICS.

Copy Right 2008-2018

      • JOURNAL OF MARKETIN & LOGISTICS does not allow any author to hold copyright and publishing.
      • JOURNAL OF MARKETIN & LOGISTICS uses Plagiarism Software to ensure the similarity Index of the content presents in the Manuscripts. Once the manuscripts are submitted to JML, the author is accepting all the conditions and the policies related to manuscripts may have to move on with the process of peer-review and production.
      • As per the policy authors do not retain any sort of ownership of the copy right for their ownership; however, the content can be downloaded and used for citations as long as it is acknowledged properly.