“Journal of Marketing and Logistic (JML) focusing on diversity and flattering of the global world. We encourage researchers to explore theories that are useful for the contemporary business environment.”

Journal of Marketing and Logistics (JML) is an Open Access Journal. It has been launched in the year 2018 with the ISSN: 2663-3078 (Print), 2663-3086 (Online). JML inspires to promote quality research publications in the area of marketing and logistic. We expect authors and researchers to show the highest degree of intellectual integrity and their research submissions are expected not to be published anywhere else other than JML. We also expect scholars and researchers who use the research contributions published in JML to give due acknowledgment to the authors through clearly identifying the citation of researchers in their future researches conducted by them.

Quality and original contribution ensured with the help of Double-Blind Peer Review. It has a comprehensive prospect and covers almost every dimension of marketing and logistics.

There is no restriction or fee for downloading research contributions published in JML volumes. Furthermore, the journal does not have any processing and publishing fees.